Revolutionary dewatering rollers

Welcome to Resilio - Revolutionary Dewatering Rollers


The revolutionary RESILIO system - New "Patent-applied-for" technology makes possible a liquid expression to surpass all leading Dewatering rolls.


RHL – Global leaders in Expression roll technology and Just Rollers – Global leaders in elastomer coverings have combined together to offer the technology of the RESILIO roll covering system.


The innovative RESILIO system offers the following key benefits:


  • New Patent-applied-for dual layer technology combines the squeezing power of the sub-layer with a revolutionary profile-hugging top layer.  This greatly increases the surface contact in the nip, thus expressing the liquid from every void and undulation in the fabric, with microscopic efficiency.
  • Typically 30-50% better expression than the previous market-leading elastomer roll cover.
  • Greatly improved "gentle" squeezing performance compared to hard rubber rolls.
  • Superb bond strength.
  • Resistance to the majority of processing chemicals.
  • Very hard wearing – excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Increased service life compared to standard hard rubber rolls.
  • Uniquely-developed compound blends.